2018-2019 CURRENT WORKS:

"Cosmic Therapy" TV PILOT (post-production) A therapists world is turned upside down the day that God shows up for couples counseling. 1/2 Hour Comedy/Fantasy.

"Touched By An Alien" TV PILOT (script) The fate of the world rests on four megalomaniac celebrity women after they are abducted by aliens wishing to repopulate the Earth. 1/2 Hour Comedy/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

"The Light Loom" (script) TV PILOT A young woman that has the ability to see other dimensions must use her gift to help heal the planet. 1-Hour Drama/Fantasy 

"SB Public" (pre-production) WEB-SERIES Behind the scenes "mockumentary" of a local TV Station. 3-6 Minute Short Episodes 

"Elizabeths Story" (script) TV PILOT A modern day Craigslist prostitute begins having memories of Elizabeth, an early 19th Century Working girl from Goldfield Nevada. 1-Hour Thriller/Drama/Period

"Sweet Peas" (script) TV PILOT A young woman falls in love with truck driver who ends up being a serial killer living multiple lives. 1 Hour Drama/Romance/Thriller