The Last Ballad of Roxi

For me, the “Last Ballad of Roxi” was the tragic story of a woman trying to succeed in a male driven (rock n roll) world, using chauvinistic tools of control, manipulation, rage, and ego to attain that success. We witness her ultimately experience tremendous loss & awaken to the realization that although those mechanisms can work, they usually do not give you what you truly desire. In private, we see Roxi allowing herself to be vulnerable only with her journal, where she writes about the pain, sadness, and torture of keeping up the tough-girl façade. On stage, we see a bad-ass fire-engine-red-haired-rock-star with nothing to hide. Oh how easy it was to relate to Roxi, she was so human, and in the depths of where humanity can take us…and what crazy places she took me. Although I am not a fan of “the method,” Roxi was an all-to-consuming role impossible not to take home with me. (maybe it was the hair?) The days and nights were long, the hopes were sky high, and her lessons were hard. How to own your power without taking power from others…how to hold space for the good, the bad, and the downright ugly…how to consume oneself with creativity without becoming lost within it, how to get to the roots of the pain that’s creating the screaming comanche before you…how to be honest with yourself & recognize how you are creating your reality…a lot to fit into one movie…maybe even more than one can handle in a lifetime. We witness Roxi through this journey, a journey that takes her through drug addiction, prostitution, and hopefully a reconciliation with forgiveness.